WTB: Christmas Pressents!!!Found!!!

Hi! I'm here again trying to find the perfect presents for my sister and little cousin.
She loves cute things like hamtaro and cinnamoroll.
And I would like to get them something to craft with fimo or other things.
I have found this, but I don't know it is already done or you only can do one...I want more!!:
Well I definitely am looking for a set...
Have anyone one like this or similar? I would like to know how them work...
I'm looking for cute t-shirts with hamtaro too for girls near 9 and 11 ages =)

Finally I found hamtaro and cinnamoroll shoes for my sister and my cousin*-*!!
I wanted the ones of my melody T.T

New drawing!!

I'm very happy because I'm going to buy a Liz Lisa jersey so cute, hope it fit me.
I will be able to wear my pink skirt with it *-* is so cute really!!
How I didn't sell any comissioned drawings I'm going to start doing me a skirt and if it looks well I will take comissions of skirts for arround
28$-42$ more or less.^^
I have continued drawing and done this:
It is not finished yet..but I love it s much, looks like AP^^

Comissions please!! Selling art Price reduced!!

I need money to buy a coat, then... I will work hard selling comissions. I don't know how to color with photoshop but I can use watercolors.
I show you some drawings of mine:
Collapse )

Collapse )The prices are those:
 1'50 lineart
 2'50> watercolor
If you buy me a watercolor you can have a lineart for 0'50 euros

Shipping to all worldwide is 3 Euros more.
Payment will be done by paypal or western union.You could pay it after I done it..but please pay before I send it.
Prices are negociable.
You could request me what you want, but I prefer to do girls ^^'U is easy for me XP I COULD DO DIFFERENT DRAWINGS STYLES